Banana Ghosts

These banana ghosts are a super easy and make a much healthier Halloween Treat. Or, if you have a fan of the ghost stories and the supernatural in your family, these also make a great party snack!

At a glance

A few minutes
Serves 2 people per banana


  • Fresh, ripe bananas
  • Mini chocolate chips
  • Regular chocolate chips
  • For a healthier option, replace choc chips with currants and sultanas.

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  1. Peel the bananas and cut in half
  2. Press small choc chips (or currants) into the banana to make eyes
  3. Press regular choc chips (or sultanas) into the banana to make a mouth
  4.  Stand the bananas up on a tray on their flat end or push a paddle pop stick in to make them even more fun to eat!