Ordering with Salamanca Fresh

General Orders Pickups and Home Delivery Available Choose from our entire range for home delivery. We have everything you need: fresh fruit & veg, meat, deli items, dairy, groceries, pre-made meals, cakes, wine, beer and everyday essentials. To place your order: You may order products for delivery to the greater Hobart region, either by calling […]

Salamanca Fresh Stays Contemporary with Innovative Refurbishment

Hit the refresh button!  Salamanca Fresh Salamanca has revitalized… just in time for spring.  A new beginning, a fresh approach and a nod to the past.  It is a celebration of excellent service, great food and of Salamanca precinct’s rich heritage. The the Behrakis family are renowned for wanting to add to the vibrant precinct of […]

Learn to Temper Chocolate

Learn to temper with detailed instructions and add the ‘wow’ factor to your chocolate creations. Why does chocolate need to be tempered? If chocolate is melted and set without being tempered, the result will be dull and streaky chocolate. Tempering allows the crystals in chocolate to suspend evenly whilst melted, creating bright, crisp and shiny […]

COVID-19 Update

An Important COVID-19 Update For Our Customers We would like to address the growing fears around the spread of COVID-19 and share with you the proactive measures we are taking to protect our community. There is no denying that these are strange times. We are determined to do what we can to ensure that Salamanca […]

Supporting Healthy Hearts

At Salamanca Fresh, we’re thrilled to be partnering with renowned Tasmanian cardiologist, Dr Warrick Bishop, to raise awareness about heart health. Here we share a series of Dr Bishop’s Healthy Heart Minutes, with each video linking to an in-depth podcast for further information on each topic. Videos will be gradually added over, so be sure […]

Cooking With Love For Father’s Day

Spoil Dad with home cooked taste sensations this Father’s Day! It can be tricky to find something new and exciting to cook with love for a special occasion, so we’ve put a list of mouth-watering meal ideas together for Dad to enjoy as a special treat just for him or to enjoy with the whole […]

Fresh Fodder’s Delicous New Dip – Spicy Jalapeno, Garlic & Parsley

Fresh Fodder’s New Flavour At Fresh Fodder, the team are all about creating delicious dips that everyone can enjoy. And, as a proud family-owned and operated manufacturer, Fresh Fodder love it when they can celebrate Australian ingredients in their products. So, say ‘hola’ to fiery peppers of goodness in Fresh Fodder’s brand-new dip, Spicy Jalapeno, […]

Battery Recycling at Salamanca Fresh

Salamanca Fresh are happy to announce that we now offer battery recycling in all our stores!   Ecobatt battery recycling units have now been installed in every Salamanca Fresh store. A range of batteries and e-waste can be deposited into the units by customers during store opening hours: Household batteries Laptop & power tool batteries […]

We Proudly Support the Alannah & Madeline Foundation

Salamanca Fresh are proud supporters of the Alannah & Madeline Foundation. We welcome in-store donations with collection tins location throughout all Salamanca Fresh stores. 100% of the proceeds go directly to the foundation’s Buddy Bag program. The Alannah & Madeline Foundation Story “On 28 April 1996 at the historical Port Arthur site in Tasmania, 35 […]

From Igor to You

The House of Anvers – Distinctive Chocolates, Made Approachable With “a visa and nothing to lose” a 20-year-old Igor Van Gerwen fell in love with Tasmania. The laid-back perfectionist’s love affair with fine chocolate began in his native Belgium, working in the exquisite aromatic surrounds of a patisserie on weekends when he was just 12 […]