Dapple Dandy Pluot

What is a pluot? It’s a PLUm crossed with an apricOT and it is one seriously tasty hybrid fruit. Tangy and sweet, with a firm skin and crisp, but juicy flesh, this is one of the best snacking stone fruits around. The skin is a green/yellow/red/purple dapple but the flesh is often a rich crimson/pink colour. […]

Yellow Watermelon? Yes Please!

A yellow-flesh watermelon is not too different to a pink flesh one. They look pretty much the same from the outside and have the same water content, but the flavour is a little different. Yellow watermelons tend to have an extra sweet, almost honey-like flavour too them, which makes them extra delicous. With their peak […]

Introducing Suman in our Salamanca Fresh Kitchen Team

Introducing another fantastic team member in our Salamanca Fresh kitchen, Suman! Suman is an invaluable member of the team who assists in making the salads, pies and lasagne for our Salamanca Fresh stores. Suman has lived in Hobart with his wife for about a year, but is originally from Nepal. When Suman first moved to […]

100% Huon Valley Apple Juice

Mark and Christine Duggan have not only perfected the craft of apple juicing, but also apple growing. They grow 17 varieties of apples and blend the juices to get the unique crisp flavour of Huon Valley Juice. Mark and Christine are born and bred Huon locals, and so are their apples. Mark’s father lived on […]

Introducing Kerri and Brendon

Kerri and Brendon make up our talented duo of qualified and experienced chefs in Salamanca Fresh’s kitchen. We are very proud to introduce you to the team that create the delicious meals available daily from our in-store delis. They are also the team behind the fantastic weekly recipes, created using the weekly specials as inspiration. […]

Just Jammin’

Andy and his father-in-law Glenn have been supplying their locally made ‘Johnno’s’ jams and sauces to Salamanca Fresh ever since they bought the business in 2009. Johnno’s Home Made was started by “Johnno” Johnston back in 1991, when at Launceston’s Yorktown Square Market, he sold 6 jams and 6 cakes made by his mother Phyllis. […]