Why we are truly the freshest

From Andrew to you

Scott Bros - Cairns Bay, Tasmania

"Our relationship with Salamanca Fresh has been there for about 40 years and started with the original store in Salamanca Place. Each store places their individual order and gets a delivery twice a week. It’s an exciting time to be involved in the fruit industry in Tasmania."

From Mark to you

Harvest Moon - Forth, Tasmania

"I've been involved at Harvest Moon for 27 years – this is home to me and I love growing veggies every day. You get this tiny little seed and you plant it in the ground and watch it grow into a beautiful carrot or a beautiful head of broccoli – that’s really rewarding from my part."

From John to you

Summer Kitchen - Ranelagh

"I've been with Summer Kitchen since ‘93 and we've been supplying to Salamanca Fresh for as long as I can remember. It's a long process making sour dough – we make the dough the day before and let it sit for a day for it to turn out right."

From Paul to you

Ashgrove Cheese - Elizabeth Town, Tasmania

"My father and grandfather set up this farm and I was born on the property. I have a very special connection with these cows – they do all the hard work. Most of them have been hand-reared and have been here as long as we have."

From Yer to you

Hmong's - Cambridge, Tasmania

"Our parents are all farmers. When we first arrived in Australia we set up the farm and bit by bit started supplying to Salamanca Fresh. We supply coriander, radish, silverbeet, garlic, turnip, parsley, peas, cauliflower, zucchini, celery, spring onion, beans, snow peas, corn and lots more."

From Mark to you

Huon Valley Juice Co - Huon Valley, Tasmania

Huon Juices have been supplying apple juice to Salamanca Fresh for about seven years from Mark’s orchard on the banks of the Huon River. Mark says you’ve got to have the cleanest apples, from the best climate to make quality juice.

From Josh to you

Smiths Pies - Cambridge, Tasmania

"We’ve been supplying our pies to Salamanca Fresh for over 15 years. We bake fresh every day to order, so the bakery is running around the clock. We’ll source as much produce from Tasmania as we can, and if it’s out of season we’ll get Tasmanian businesses to source it. It’s a family recipe and we do everything here on site."

From Jeremy to you

SHV Wholesalers - Hobart, Tasmania

"SHV has been collecting and transporting Salamanca Fresh's produce since their first store opened in 1982. These bananas are put through a ripening process and delivered to the stores the very next day. Our unique distribution channel allows us to provide the freshest bananas in Tasmania."

From Holly to You

Raw Dealer - Hobart, Tasmania

Holly fills her amazing raw vegan cakes and desserts with high quality, fresh and wholesome food, using as many Tasmanian grown ingredients as possible. Using local cherries, apples and berries, her creations are often developed based on what’s in season. You'll find Holly's creations in our cake displays!

From Naser & Cheryl to you

Daci & Daci - Hobart, Tasmania

Naser and Cheryl are the husband and wife creators of the Hobart institution that is Daci & Daci Bakers. This creative duo also run a wholesale side to their bakery, so we can offer their sensational delights in all our Salamanca Fresh stores!

From Malcolm to you

Rhuby Delights - Don, Tasmania

Malcolm has come to be known as the eccentric chocolatier, creating Rhuby Delights and Rhuby Creations, a unique range of chocolates with a crunchy fruit centre that creates a pop of fresh, bright flavour. "It’s in my blood to want to produce something that is good quality and good for you.”

From Jaymie, Stuart & Chris to you

Range TASMANIA - Margate, Tasmania

With intriguing flavour combinations, such as carrot & lime jam and sweet chilli cumquats, gracing the range, you know you’re in for a taste sensation when trying anything from Range TASMANIA. These hand-made delights are the result of a desire to produce delicious, quality products with a focus on natural ingredients and avoidance of unnecessary additives.

From Anna, Ricardo & Thiago to you

The Baru Project - Hobart, Tasmania & Brasila, Brazil

The Baru Project was the very first to see the potential of this super nut in Australia and fortunately for us, Hobart was the very first place in Australia that it became available to purchase. At Salamanca Fresh, we are thrilled to stock this tasty snack in our Salamanca, Davey St, Kingston, Bellerive and Lenah Valley stores.

From Sophie to you

Elly's Gourmet Confectionery, Hobart, Tasmania

Elly’s Gourmet Confectionery is handmade in Tasmania, offering mouth-watering confectionery with a difference. All gluten free and made from premium natural ingredients, these tasty treats contain no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.

From Phil and Jane to you

Coaldale Walnuts - Richmond, Tasmania

The story of how Coaldale Walnuts came to be is an inspirational one – it belongs to the Dening family who wanted a change, worked hard and are now living their dream in a place they love. In all our stores, you will find walnuts in the shell, as well as packaged kernels. Head on in and give them a try; immediately taste the difference of Tasmanian Coaldale Walnuts.

From Tom to you

TassieTom - Hobart, Tasmania

TassieTom is a local family business who make premium handcrafted Tasmanian foods. TassieTom is the home of Walnutter, a walnut butter made from 100% Tasmanian grown walnuts. These unique products are a spread of absolute joy and offer incredible versatility.

From Naomie to you

Frank's Cider - Franklin, Tasmania

Frank’s Cider was established on the very same family farm that was founded by Franklin’s first European settler, John Clark. Five generations on and Naomie-Clark Port, John Clark’s great-great granddaughter, creates cider from apples grown on the same land.

From Igor to you

House of Anvers - Latrobe, Tasmania

“My vision for our products is to provide the distinctive chocolate products and chocolate experiences that are normally reserved for the elite in society, to as many customers as possible, by making them approachable and affordable. One way we are able to do that is through our relationship with Salamanca Fresh; this way our high-end products are available very affordably to as many Tasmanians as possible.”