Created by the experts, these delicious dishes are designed to excite your taste buds while inspiring you to keep healthy. All our recipes use ingredients that can be found at your local Salamanca Fresh store and are perfect for cooking for the family, entertaining friends or treating yourself to a relaxing night in.

Gingerbread Cookies with Easy Icing

Party Food

Christmas is not complete without gingerbread! This gingerbread recipe can be used to make any cookie shape you like! Then you can have fun decorating with the accompanying icing. These cookies are great for birthday parties year-round as well.

Stone Fruit Crumble (with GF option)

Sweets & Desserts

This summer dessert is fantastic served warm with ice cream or cream (or as a treat, you could even have it for breakfast with Greek yoghurt).

Peachy Refresher


When peaches are in season, this drink is the perfect summer refresher! You can make it to your tastes by using more or less of the ingredients and even scale it up and make jugs for a whole party.

Slow Cooker Chicken Cacciatore with Potatoes


A simple and healthy midweek dinner that you can pretty much set and forget until it's time to serve up! This recipe also includes loads of veges to help fuel your family.

Maisie’s Mint Sauce


This very special mint sauce was made every Sunday by Kerri's (our chef at Salamanca Fresh's Kitchen) nana, Maisie. A family tradition and a must with any lamb!

Spiced Lamb Leg, Indian Inspired Yoghurt Base Marinade


A different take on the traditional roast lamb, the flavours in this Indian inspired marinade are fragrant and so delicious. Great for roasting a leg of lamb, but can also be used for other lamb cuts as well.

Greek Style Marinade for Lamb Leg Roast


A Greek-style marinade goes brilliantly with any cut of lamb, especially a leg roast! By letting the lamb marinate overnight, the meat will soak in all the flavours, promising a tender, melt-in-your-mouth dinner.

Banana & Nutella Oat Muffins


The world needs Banana & Nutella Oat Muffins. Be prepared to have these filling little muffins gobbled up in a heartbeat!

Banana Ghosts

Party Food

These banana ghosts are a super easy and make a much healthier Halloween Treat. Or, if you have a fan of the ghost stories and the supernatural in your family, these also make a great party snack!