World Cup Final Midnight Feast

Hands up who’ll be watching the FIFA World Cup Final live from the living room? Keep your strength up for staying awake by making a midnight snack feast! Here are some snack ideas to keep you going; all of these ideas can be prepared and refrigerated in the afternoon so you can get some shut […]

Hmong Tasmanian Vegetables, Grown by Hand

  Yer and his family have farming entrenched in their DNA, coming from a long family life of living on the land. Ten years ago, Yer and his family arrived in Australia bringing with them generations of farming experience. With that in mind, it was easy to “grow” their future here Down Under. “Our parents […]

Seasonal Fruit & Veg in the Tasmanian Winter

Well Winter has well and truly arrived – car windscreens are icing over in the morning and the fireplaces are cranking! While most of the fruit trees have closed up shop for the winter, apples, pears and lemons are thriving in our Tasmanian climate! You’ll find the local apples and pears to be absolutely sensational […]

Love in a Lunchbox

Salamanca Fresh are incredibly proud to be supporting the 2018 Love in a Lunchbox initiative, developed by Clarendon Vale Primary School and Clarence Plains Child and Family Centre in Hobart, Tasmania. Love in a Lunchbox is an event run by staff and volunteers that aims to educate and encourage parents and students to create tasty lunchboxes […]

Tasmanian Apples – Spot the Difference

If you’ve stepped foot in Tasmania and tasted a local apple, you’ll quickly learn that they are truly spectacular! There is something very distinctive about the consistently satisfying crunch and the subsequent juice that seems to have vanished from so many apples found elsewhere. Currently, the apple season is well and truly in full swing, […]

Have You Heard of Teff?

Have you heard of Teff? Teff is a naturally gluten free grain that is packed with nutrition. It contains greater calcium than a glass of milk, the protein levels of an extra-large egg, twice the iron of quinoa and has high levels of fibre, zinc and thiamine.  Also containing high levels of resistant starch carbohydrate, […]

The Goodness in Papaya

  Papaya is a nutritious and filling fruit that delivers a big immunity boost. With one 150g serve providing more than double your recommended dietary intake of Vitamin C, as well as high levels of antioxidants, vitamin A, B vitamins and a high water content, papaya is wonderful for tackling the change-of-season colds. Also, the […]

Autumn in Tasmania – What’s in Season?

We have all heard that fruit and veg are at their absolute best when they are in season. However, with access to fresh produce from all over the world, it can be hard to know what’s in season in your part of the world – magnificent Tasmania. Well you’re in luck! Tasmania has an amazing […]

Pana Chocolate – Vegan. Raw. Amazing.

If, for any reason, you have given up all or any of the following: preservatives, animal products, gluten, dairy and soy, chances are that you’ve been on the hunt at some point for smooth, creamy, delicious chocolate that you can really enjoy. Here is where Pana Chocolate makes a grand entrance. With ingredients sourced ethically […]

Exotic Dragon Fruit

The exotic dragon fruit grows on a cactus plant in subtropical areas of Asia. It has a dense white fruit with tiny black (edible) seeds speckled throughout and a magenta and green skin. It’s flesh is a delicious, mildly sweet flavour that is crunchy and can be scooped out using a melon ball scoop or […]