Ashgrove Cheese: “Grass-Cow-You”

Elizabeth Town in Tasmania’s north is where you’ll find the beautiful rolling pastures and roaming ‘happy cows’ of Ashgrove Farm. With a family history of farming in this area since the 1880’s, the operations of the farm and the cheese factory are split in two, but still owned and operated within the same family – […]

Sweet Potatoes So Many Ways

Sweet potatoes are one seriously versatile tuber! High in Potassium, Manganese, Vitamins A, C, B5, B6 and E, as well as fibre, sweet potatoes are a filling and nutritious food. The sweeter flavour allows for use in both sweet and savoury dishes and also serves as an excellent mashed food for babies (simply roast the […]

Valentine’s Day Treats for Two

Whether you have a significant other that you love to share Valentine’s Day with or you plan to bring your dearest friends together to show them how much they mean to you, Valentine’s Day presents a great opportunity to hop into some delicious treats! Here are some wonderfully wicked ideas for celebrating the occasion at […]

Easy and Healthy School Lunchbox Recipes

It can be hard to get back into the swing of packing a school lunchbox after the lovely long summer holidays. We want to help by making things easier, so have searched far and wide and gathered a few of our own favourites in order to bring you this list of filling, tasty, nutritious and […]

Leftover Ham Used in 5 Easy Ways

Still trying to use up the leftover ham in your fridge? Or simply can’t get enough and are looking for new ways to cook with it? Here are 5 delicious and healthy ways to use up your leftover ham. Ham & Cheese Pasta Bake A brilliant dinner idea that the whole family is sure to […]

Salamanca Fresh Welcomes BYO Containers

  At Salamanca Fresh we are working hard to make a positive impact on the environment. In order to make a difference in reducing plastic waste, we are encouraging customers to bring their own clean, reusable containers for deli and butcher purchases. Our friendly staff welcome the use of customers’ own containers in all our […]

10 Interesting Ways to Eat Oranges

There are so many interesting ways to enjoy oranges, apart from making orange peel smiles! Here is a list of 10 very easy uses for the humble orange. Orange Ice Cubes: Peel orange and remove seeds. Blend or juice the flesh and pour into an ice cube tray. These will keep in the freezer for […]

5 Healthy Halloween Snacks

Do you love Halloween but dread the enormous emphasis on sugar? Get into the spirit of things, without the subsequent sugar low with this selection of healthier Halloween snacks. They’re lots of fun to make, look wonderfully spooky and are yummy for children and adults alike. Banana Ghosts These banana ghosts are a super easy […]

The Amazing Kiwi Fruit

  The Kiwi Fruit is an incredible little bundle of goodness. Grown on a vine, this furry-skinned fruit doesn’t look like much at first, but when cut open reveals the most fantastic, bright, juicy, green flesh and beautiful seed pattern. Apart from the the joyful colour of its flesh, this fruit is packed full of […]

Traditional Cheese from Heidi Farm

Nestled in the Tasmania’s North is Heidi Farm – a magical place where milk from neighbouring dairy farms is used to create award-winning Swiss Cheese varieties using traditional methods. Heidi Farm’s authentic farmhouse cheeses are hand crafted following traditional cheese making techniques and produced free of calf rennet. The art of cheesemaking is something that […]